Where Home Is 

A staged poem created for Juraj Kojs’ Where Home Is immersive experience. This part of the project was written, staged, and performed by me. Coaching provided by Where Home Is creative team.

Home is where ghosts and shadows
are laid to rest


Born early, and just in time
Born unknowingly, out of wedlock-
The first clue that this life’s journey
Would take twists and turns
Emigrated from the womb, the first
Home, gutted, forgotten, migrated without choice,
A plastic abode, a soul on display, hugged by
Tubes, instead of hands, so many eyes
Mother’s milk, souring, soured,
In an act of home-ism
An army of strangers, mothers
One by one donated their essence,
Whatever they had to spare
This baby’s lineage, branches ever forming
Leaving only the task of learning how to breathe
Breathe, steadfastly, for home is
where shadows and ghosts are
are laid to rest


Now, a child, somewhere else
never feeling un-foreign
daily reminders that home, is not home,
an outsider, molded inside
kids punch the air from lungs
crowned queen, once, for swinging back
dethroned, always, in favor of their kin or king
father, a ghost, with strings, mother
ever present, but black and clue,
unable to resist being engulfed by
shadows weighing her down
Hold your breath, so many homes
between the first and the last
a chameleon by habit, a migrant by
Now an adult, shedding skins
and voices to survive
always fitting in, belonging?
I realized that a home could be
chiseling myself free
ghosts and shadows transitioning to
dreams and memories
Zeit ohne Shatten
tiempo sin fantasmas
with time, avail myself, a new identity
a new name, reborn,
home is in me