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Arts Optika specializes in artistically-informed advocacy. It is is for artists and non-profit organizations, with a special emphasis on promoting those who find themselves outside of the margins. Arts Optika is for artists by artists.
As the role of the artist becomes more multifaceted and evermore online, it has become more and more important to protect the artist’s creative time. The same is valid for non-profit organizations that are doing such wonderful work for their communities. Arts Optika strives to save you time during your creative process, when you need it.


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in experimental, thought-provoking artists, arts, and ideas. 


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Ever get stuck on an idea? Arts Optika can help you brainstorm. We often think of brainstorming as a solitary practice, when in reality, brainstorming is at its best when done with unbiased company. Reduce the time it takes you solidify the concept of your next project. On the tip of your tongue? Lets translate your ideas into words. We love helping artists realize their vision so that their audiences can see the work come to fruition.

Have an idea already, but not sure what to do next? Arts Optika can help you strategize and plan your next event, show, concert, exhibit, or your next season.

In between stages of your career? That is alright, let’s brainstorm and figure out what’s next. 


If you already have a solid idea, funding can be found. Grant applications however, can be daunting, let us focus on the daunt, so you can you focus on the -ingLet’s get your ideas moving. The moment you present your work, is the time for you to shine, but before that, there is so much work to be done. From branding to flyers, we have the means to get you what you want, so you can rest assured and focus on your vision. Public relations and marketing is not in everybody’s wheelhouse. If it is not in yours, let us spare you the headache.  To be honest, in our experience, it is better when someone else creates the hype for you. Lets hype you up.


We spend so much time preparing to showcase our work, but sometimes forget to plan for adequate documentation, which means no proof. Right now, with limited in person events due to the ongoing global pandemic, this is no longer an option. Let us help you get the documentation you need. Arts Optika can accomodate multi-camera shoots at full 4k resolution for up to 5 hours of uninterrupted recording. If video footage is not what you need, Arts Optika can  photodocument or audiodocument your work.


Already have your work? Arts Optika can help you share it beyond your current skope. Arts Optika specializes in creating responsive site designs that are easy to update and maintain-though we would be happy to take that task of your hands. Alternatively, we can help identify other outlets for your art. Need a venue, we can help you book one? Arts Optika is also available to help you curate your social media presence.  

What you need, when you need it.


Catalina von Wrangell is a composer, multimedia artist, poet, collaborative artist, and educator living in Miami, Florida. On behalf of Arts Optika, Ms. Von Wrangell, has had the priviledge to work with composers such as Charles Norman Mason and Shawn Crouch, artists such as Sophia von Wrangell, institutions such as the Frost School of Music, and non-profit organizations including FETA, The Foundation for Emerging Technologies and the Arts. This marks her fourth year serving as panelist for the Miami Department of Culture Affairs Community Arts Grant Program. Ms. Von Wrangell is a passionate advocate for the arts and enjoys applying organizational, technical, and artistic skills to give artists back time to work on their craft. For more information about Catalina and her work, visit her website.

Sophia von Wrangell is a veteran artist with 30+ years of experience as a film director, screenplay writer & doctor, and documentarian. Having made the transition from analog to digital, she applies age-proven standards to her innovative modern creations. Some of her notable awards include the New York Times Critic’s Pick and the German Silver Bear in Cinema. A magical saleswoman, she was worked for political campaigns, production companies, as well as the customer service industry. For more information about Sophia and her artwork, please visit her website.



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