Accounts: 1001 Living Sound Poems


Accounts: 1001 Living Sound Poems re-members a timeless story. This collection of living sound poems invites readers to co-create a shared, collective narrative. Crafted as a ‘movable book’ and companion augmented reality application, Accounts reaches into multisensory worlds that resonate with our emotional identities. The fusion of multiple lenses and multiple fictional spaces binds moments of our lives.

Accounts combines poetry, sound, photography, music, story-telling, and augmented reality. This piece is a response to the sexual harassment and violence epidemic. Its primary aim is to celebrate and support survivors and their supporters unconditionally. In the 21st century, our emotional identities are increasingly divided between the physical world and the virtual one. Accounts focuses on the experience in between these worlds allowing for unique personal and communal explorations of emotional resonances.

Each poem is presented on the page and has two sonic realizations, one for the day and another for the night, triggered by the app depending on the time of day, representing peoples’ different selves and their ability to be vulnerable.

As a reader, I invite you to get lost by your own design, and find yourself amidst memories, dreams, and stories so palpable that you can hear them. Engage in an embodied experience and be invited to travel through time and re-member ideas about people in your life—real or fantasy—through a sonic and tactile experience. And before leaving this safe space, should you wish, share your story, and help contribute to Accounts. 

Staged Excerpt of Friend…if survivors were believed.