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Hello there. I am truly excited that you have made it to this page. Here you will  information about current thoughts, projects, and general musings by yours truly. 


2021 Newsletter Issue No. 1

Publication Announcement

January 31, 2021

If Survivors Were Believed-Friend, an excerpt from my doctoral work was published in the January edition of the MASS. Check it out! Mine is the last entry in the journal. Subscribe to the journal too, because it is quite unique and thought provoking. Thank you Henry McPherson and Maria Sappho for including me.  

Recent Performance

February 3, 2021 

If Survivors Were Believed-Friend exists in the state of two sound poem realizations, one acoustic, one electronic. I was so lucky to perform alongside guitarist Federico Bonacossa and have it be premiered during the New Music Miami ISCM Festival. Thank you Orlando Garcia for hosting. Check out our performance here.