Mezzo-Soprano Lisa Neher performs Alone in “Something About Isolation” Recital

Darkwater Festival September 24-25, 2021

Online Event



Alone was originally composed for Mezzo-Soprano Lisa Neher as part of her One Voice Project call for scores. Championed by Neher, it has taken on new meaning in light of the ongoing pandemic crisis.

Observing Time Tiempo Zeit Premiere

The Last Hundred Ensemble June 19th, 2021 

Online and In Person Event Miami, FL 7:30pm

The Last Hundred Ensemble premieres Observing Time Tiempo Zeit during inaugural concert at the Wertheim Performing Arts Center. 


Observing Time Tiempo Zeit explore the elusive nature of time, enhanced by the experience through different cultural lenses.



Friend…if survivors were believed 

NNM Alumni Concert February 3rd, 2021 

Online Premiere

Excerpt from Catalina von Wrangell’s thesis work Accounts: 1001 Living Sound Poems. She is joined by guitarist Federico Bonacossa for this retelling. 



Friend…if survivors were believed contemplates the delicate nature of friendship. It explores this role in the aftermath of sexual harrassment and abuse.

Between Becoming Premiere by DUO Sequenza

Composing the Collection May 12th, 2021 

Online Premiere by Lowe Art Museum at 7:00pm

DUO Sequenza Premieres Between Becoming, a work created in collaboration with Rachel Joy Weiss. Between Becoming was premiered as part of Composing the Collection: Sonifying the Lowe Art Museum’s Musical Instruments & Art Works in Written Music & Live Performance.


Financial support by for this project was provided by The Andrew W. Mellon CREATE Grants Program. 


Between-Becoming is an audio-visual composition that emphasizes the relationship between sounds and images that complete one another. The chosen picture Jason Returning to Demand His Father’s Kingdom is an unfinished picture created by Washington Allston. This incomplete picture, for the composers, represents a state of being in between and of becoming.