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Organizational Services


Ever get stuck on an idea? Brainstorming sometimes needs to be done alone, but is best with unbiased company.

Grant Writing

If you have a solid idea, funding can be found, but grant applications can be a drag. They are time consuming and require attention to detail. Let me focus on the details, so you can focus on your craft.

Event Planning

Once again, the key is in the details. Want help organizing an event, concert, or a show? Look no further.

PR / Marketing

This is the task everybody hates. And to be honest it works much better when someone else creates the hype for you. Lets hype you up.

Event Documentation

We spend so much time preparing to showcase our work, but sometimes forget to plan for visual and sound documentation, which means no proof. Always keep your memories.

creative Services

Graphic Design

From branding to flyers, we have the means to get you what you want. Original and customized.

Sound Design

From sound effects, sounding objects to installations, the options are vast and open to imagination.

Original Music

Need new music for a project? Or need something quickly? From solo to synth, we can find a match for you.

Original Word Smithing

On the tip of your tongue? Lets find your words.

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