Artistic Statement

My work emerges form a deep interest in how people and societies operate and express themselves. Universal laws of chance, individual and social behavioral structures, and exploring the spectrum of emotional intelligence frame my approach to art/music making. For this reason, I engage creative methods that are holistic and multifaceted. Thus, my body of work transverses a diverse set of fields.

Informed by my life experiences, field observations, and different technologies I encounter, my artistic production is malleable in form. 

As in the world, my artworks tend to be self-evolving, often set in motion and reimagined by performers or other engaging factors. This allows for a truly communicative practice between my art and the world in resides in.   


Catalina von Wrangell’s artistic practice focuses on creating intimate experiences for her audiences in her continual exploration of the complex nature of human expression. Her pieces – which include sound and word sculptures, poems, installations, and immersive and interactive experiences –  interdisciplinary and bridge a diverse set of of fields. In addition to her individual practice, she enjoys a rich collaborative practice with artists including multimodal artist Sophia von Wrangell, and interdisciplinary composer and soprano Rachel Joy Weiss. 

Her works have been performed and exhibited throughout the United States, as well as in South America and Europe. With premieres by performers including the Friends of Rain Ensemble, the Nodus Ensemble, mezzo soprano Lisa Neher, guitarist Federico Bonacossa, and cellist Edder Rivera among others. She has been in residence at  the Atlantic Center for the Arts and the Cortona Session for New Music. As a performer, she makes appearance as a clarinetist, computer technician, and improvisor. Catalina is equally at home on and of the stage. 

Catalina has served on faculty at the University of Miami and Florida International University teaching music theory and sight singing, music history, and a personally designed workshop entrepreneurial approaches for young composers, she maintains a vigorous private studio. She holds a doctorate in Composition from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami and master’s degrees in Digital Arts and Sound Design from the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami, in Composition from Florida International University. She has studied with composers Dorothy Hindman, Charles N. Mason,

Juraj Kojs, Lansing McLoskey, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, and Michael Johanson, and studied clarinet under the tutelage of Margarette Flavin Donaghue and Dunja Jennings.