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the final shape a piece may take, a goal that has become central to my practice as an artist is to actively engage both my performer and audience. The giving of choice to my audience to affect how they experience my works has led to interesting audience-performance/performer-composer dynamics, and has brought about a certain amount of indeterminacy to my works. This coupled with the notion of releasing control, are two ideas that in the past I would have been quite uncomfortable with, but now I find compelling, if not comforting.

I work as a composer, sound designer, and as an art management professional. Click below for biographical information. For more information about Arts Optika, click here. 

for all the senses


Experimentation is at the core of my practice

The projects I tackle are personal. They are based on a story, concept, idea, or message I want to share. I have come to think of myself as much as a storyteller, as I do a composer. I am a composer of experiences.


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